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In short term I want to participate in basic / translational research activities (preferably within a well-organised and scheduled programme) which I think would give valuable insight about the contemporary understanding of parts of the biology of a particular cancer.

During my internal medicine residency I was interested in the palliative care of cancer patients and basics of clinical research.

I started my medical oncology residency in August 2009 in Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa School of Medicine.

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Akif: I graduated from Marmara University School of Medicine in 2003 and got my internist degree in 2009 from the same school.

After becoming a medical oncologist in 2012, I have been working in Hatay Antakya State Hospital as a specialist since November 2012 to complete my compulsory state work.

I treat various malignant conditions however my primary areas of scientific interest are GU (particularly prostate) and breast cancers.

There are times in Turkey where I read the local news online and wonder if I’ve been duped.

The headlines and content of the news can be so absurd I find myself scrolling through the website looking for the disclaimer saying: “This an onion.” An onion piece is a satirical news article based on factual events.

My interest in clinical research brought me to positions of being the co-investigator of several phase III trials that were going on in Cerrahpasa.

I had the opportunity for a short visit to the MD Anderson Cancer Centre (Houston, Texas) at the Breast Medical Oncology Department in 2011 to observe the clinical care of breast cancer patients.

They’re often good for a giggle and say the things we wish to say in our world full of injustice.

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