Massage dating

Her forearms are stronger than most mens', but at what cost? When a massage therapist works as hard as Krista does, it's not easy to find time to spend with someone else.

I brag about them to try and be positive, although something tells me that Krista couldn't care less about ripped forearms. It's easy to plan around my 9-5 job, but it proves quite difficult to catch a movie around her home and clinic clients...forget a last minute weekend getaway.

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In all seriousness, it is not easy dating a massage therapist.

It is a very difficult profession that takes its toll on one's body and emotions.

I agree with her professionalism that I should book an appointment at her clinic and pay the receptionist just like everyone else.

In a profession that struggles to gain credibility in society, people don't need to be hearing that I get special massages at home whether I pay for them or not.

The challenge: to post a blog for 31 days in a row. " I tend to agree with them, I am a pretty lucky guy in terms of who I am currently dating, but it's not at all because she is a massage therapist.

The reward: "A badass blogger" trophy, a pat on the back, a way to vent, and share stories about my Massage Therapy career. When people find out I date a massage therapist, their eyes light up with envy and mine roll. The fact is, I don't let her near me when she is in massage/sadist mode.We make it work using google calendar and day planners. We sit down every month or two to plan out activities we can do together.I don't know them, but I see the toll it takes on Krista.She's the strongest and most compassionate woman I know, but everyone has a breaking point.I have tried to enjoy massages, but I just can't seem to find the pleasure or therapy surrounding this therapeutic technique.I have been in severe pain after some races and I have let her "caress" my tender muscles as a last resort, but this often leads to writhing, screaming, jumping and cursing. Krista has also mentioned in a previous blog post that the last thing she wants to do when she gets home from a day of massaging is do another massage.

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