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She wore it at a Buckingham Palace reception honoring Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

The print is from the 2017 Pre-Spring/Summer Collection.

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It’s so grandmotherly, it is possible the cut died of natural causes, but the toxicology report suggests foul play.

The article has lots of photos of the fashion crime scene.

An opium overdose at least seems like it would be a more peaceful way to go than the death-by-boredom the Cambridges are inflicting on royal-watchers.

I couldn’t even make it all the way through the Canada tour which was as exciting as looking at a neighbor’s vacation pics.

Fortunately for the Olympic and Paralympic Athletes at the Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry followed behind Kate’s poppy field, so if anyone felt themselves glazing over from Kate’s small talk about George liking swimming, fencing and hockey and Charlotte already being an accomplished equestrian at 17 months, he could Glinda them right out of permanent sleep.

Its original dress form is this: It also comes in a blouse.Sarah Burton likely realized the overdose potential of this poppy print and Kate should have just said no to it in this much fabric.In Tom Sykes’ article he discusses the global disinterest in a tour that fizzled before it even started.Once again the Cambridge’s insisted on having their private events, shutting out a shrunken press pack for a wine tasting, a sail, and whatever else happened while I had nodded off.when the Wicked Witch of the West nearly succeeds in offing Dorothy with the Deadly Field of Poppies?Well, Mc Queen has managed to capture that feeling of nearly dying in your sleep in a custom dress for Kate Middleton.

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