Pending setup validating mx record

Email is not sent to the AWS account owner unless the owner is also listed as a domain contact in WHOIS.

Review the list of email addresses that are displayed in the ACM console (or returned from the CLI or API) to determine where you should be looking for validation email.

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For domains purchased from Amazon Route 53, privacy protection is enabled by default and your email address is mapped to a email address.

You may be required to make a change directly at your domain's registry.

In other cases, the domain contact information may be using a privacy address, such as those provided through Whois Guard or Privacy Guard.

Apart from these, the SOA Record also includes a parameter Serial.

This is a number that is automatically generated by our Servers.

All Secondary Name Servers cache the Serial Number in the SOA Record, such that when a Serial Number change is detected by Secondary DNS Servers, it updates its Records with the changes.This number is automatically increased by our Servers when changes to the Zone or its Records are made.To see the list, click the icon next to the domain name in the box labeled In some cases, the domain registrant, technical, and administrative contacts in WHOIS may not be publicly available, and AWS therefore cannot reach these contacts.At your discretion, you can choose to configure your registrar to list your email address in WHOIS, although not all registrars support this option.If you are experiencing problems receiving validation email, review the suggestions that follow.Validation email is sent to contact addresses listed in WHOIS and to common administrative addresses for the domain.

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