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I don’t mean the tourist traps like Singapore or Hong Kong.

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This explains the main reason westerners flock here in droves and descend on the Philippines and look for younger female Philippine singles. lol Without a question of a doubt, filipinas know how to treat their men. Filipino women look after the house and the family. He is 25 years older than his long-term Filipino girlfriend. I’ve heard this story from many other western male friends I have who live in the Philippines. Philippine women treat their men like men and expect than men to treat them like a lady.

He’s told me on many occasions he is more attached to this girl then any other western girlfriend relationship he has ever had. When his Filipino girlfriend first sees him when he comes home from work, she has a beaming smile and rushes to greet him with a genuine kiss and hug. It’s pretty simple and I think the western world has forgotten these values.

Throughout the Philippines you will find exceptionally delicious and healthy food, and cheap accommodation.

It’s a great place to live, it costs you 20% of what you’re used to paying in the western world and has beautiful Philippines girls. Sure, reading any of their online profile descriptions might suggest sex isn’t important to them.

Female Philippine singles know they’re in the minority. Most men in first world countries don’t get it from western women.

Filipinas know full well they will get respect from western men, in return. It’s an easy equation for Philippine women to understand.OK, maybe using the word everywhere was overkill The first thing you will notice with female Philippine singles is their very smooth skin and small bodies.They are tiny little Asian girls, without the typical Asian eyes (I love asian eyes by the way). And their other assets such as bum and boobs are well proportioned and a totally sexy package. One of a filipinas better assets is they also speak very good English. The Philippines was one of the first South-East Asian countries to be ‘invaded’ by Christian missionaries.Most western guys have heard the rumours about having great sex with Asian women. This is true for any woman’s online dating profile, anywhere in the world. I’m an older guy so I am not as the virile as I once was. That’s another reason to love the Philippines and the women.They give honest respect to their western boyfriends and they get it in return. What western guy doesn’t want respect from the woman he is dating?Unless you’ve done some travel in South-East Asia, you will not understand how far your dollar will go.


  1. His appeal is one part charm, two parts boyish naïveté.

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