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In case if this situation is repeated (for example, the next pregnancy). So the best way for the girl with negative rhesus is to find a husband with negative rhesus factor blood to have negative rhesus baby.Science tries to solve mysteries of mankind nature.40% of couples get acquainted by means of the Internet. To do this, we propose to exchange links (menu item users).

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On our site you will have possibility to look for people with certain type of blood. Here you can find people with a negative rhesus factor, or a desired blood group.

If a girl has negative rhesus there will be a situation of conflict between bodies of mother and a baby.

Negative rhesus conflict is a process of producing of anti particles by the body of the mother, it may cause earlier birth than necessary.

Today, some of the scientists believe that type of blood definite the character of a man.

So, the choice of a lover according the type of blood gives opportunity to avoid many problems and troubles in future.

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