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I know the idea that he is jealous of my dog and the affection I give her is symptomatic of a larger problem.It’s not like he is competing with her for attention, and the very idea of that sounds so juvenile just to type it!

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When we are together, I spend most of my time focused on him because our time together is limited.

We are of similar religious and family backgrounds and both of us are ultimately searching for a spouse.

He definitely wants to have at least one child, as do I (I should add, with the right person!

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for about three months – he’s 27 and I am 31.

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I try to be as supportive as possible in getting him to talk about his passions, his dreams, his future goals, and what he might want to do, as well as learning about his family and background and what drives his thoughts and actions.

He can be very closed off, but we are slowly getting to know each other.

We met on a dating site over a year ago and, though I had just gone through a tough breakup and wasn’t ready for another relationship, we talked online for a year until meeting in late August and started to date exclusively in September.

I have a small 5-year-old dog whom I’ve raised from a puppy; she’s basically like my child.

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